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General Supply List 2010

        Rio Grande Elementary

               3rd, 4th, 5th  Grade Supply List

**Some of these items may or may not be requested by your child’s teacher.**

1    Box of #2 pencils

1    8 oz. bottle of glue

3    Glue Sticks

2    Reams of loose leaf notebook paper

4        Spiral notebooks (Some teachers may request more)

Folders w/pockets

1        pair of scissors

2        Boxes of Kleenex

1        Box of crayons

1        Box of colored pencils

1    Package highlighters

1        ruler

Erasers (gum or other type)

1                    Box Sandwich bags

      1    Box quart size bags (5th grade)

1         Box gallon size bags  


School box to store pencils and crayons, etc.

1         3-ring binder

1         Package index cards (3” x 5”)

1         Box water color markers

      Head phones

      Liquid hand soap or sanitizer



Teacher’s may add one or two additional inexpensive items to a child’s classroom      school supply list.   We recommend that you wait until your child has been assigned to a class before purchasing all these items.